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The U.S. Secretary of State Visits School

In February MBE and its partner program DBE began work in five conventional (SD) and two religious primary schools (MI) in Central Jakarta. School principals, committee members and teachers from the schools visited a number of MBE schools in Batu and Blitar and later received training from an MBE team.

Then it was announced that Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. Secretary of State would visit Indonesia on 14 March and had asked to visit one of the Jakarta schools, MI Al Ma'Muriyah in Cikini.

MBE and DBE helped the school to prepare for the important guest. Five facilitators from Central and East Java helped the teachers to organize their classrooms to support PAKEM. This included making reading corners, putting up displays and teaching PAKEM lessons.

The U.S. Secretary

On the day of the visit security was very tight, but all the teachers and students were excited, waiting for the guest to arrive. The Secretary of State was greeted by the Head of the School Foundation Bpk Siti Mursalin and the School Principal, Ibu Juwaeriyah.

They visited two of the classrooms, where they were accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. B. Lynn Pascoe and the Director of USAID Indonesia, Mr. Bill Frej as well as other staff of USAID Indonesia. As a former music student Dr. Rice enjoyed listening to the children's musical reception (see photo above).

In the photo on the below Dr. Rice in seen talking to grade 6 students, accompanied by (right to left) the grade 6 teacher Bpk Suwardi, the U.S. Ambassador, B. Lynn Pascoe, the American translator and the Director of USAID Indonesia, Bill Frej. After visiting the grade 2 classroom the Secretary of State made an announcement that the United States will donate US$8.5 million to help Indonesia to develop a TV program, Sesame Indonesia.

Dr. Rice in seen talking to grade 6 students

Every one was very impressed by Dr. Rice's close rapport with the students. One of them even asked, "Did you want to become a minister when you were a child?" She answered that she never dreamed of becoming Secretary of State, but that she studied music and was a history teacher. You can see a more photographs of the visit to MI Al Ma'Muriyah on the back page.

Central Jakarta Schools which MBE is assisting include: 1. MIS Al Falah; 2. MIS Al Makmuriyah; 3. SDN Kebon Sirih 01; 4. SDN Kebon Sirih 03; 5. SDN Cikini 01; 6. SDN Gondangdia 05; 7. SDN Johar Baru 29.

What's Inside this Edition?

Working with Other Programs: MBE is working with the Ministry of National Education and a number of Basic Education programs to develop common approaches and materials for use in all programs and to support dissemination nationwide (page 2).

Review and Planning Workshop: Twenty one MBE districts gathered in Probolinggo in March. All the districts made displays (photo on the right). Participants told stories about innovations and there were visits to schools in Pasuruan and Probolinggo districts (pages 3 - 4).

Using the School Library

Using the School Library: One focus of the MBE program is on the development and use of school libraries and reading corners. There is a story on page 15 about a school in Situbondo, which has developed and makes good use of its library (Page. 15) (see photo above ).

Developing Active Learning (PAKEM): One of the successes of the MBE program has been the widespread development of PAKEM, both in the districts where the program has been running for some time as well as those which have only recently joined the program. Some examples of good teaching are set out (on pages 19 - 21).

Training of Trainers in Multi-Grade Teaching:In an effort to increase the efficient use of resources several districts have formed multi-grade schools, where there are small numbers of students in each grade and one teacher teaches two or more grades at the same time. Trainers from seven districts took part in the training in March in Banyuwangi (page 22).

Partnership with the Private Sector: MBE is working with Aqua-Danone in Sukoharjo and Magelang (photo above) to develop activities to do with water in a number of MBE schools (page 23).

Stories from the Districts: Read stories from the 21 MBE districts, most of which have been written by people from the districts themselves, to learn about the innovations and creativity of each area. (pages 5 - 18)

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